Instrument/Equipment Rentals

The WBSD only rents instruments to families who qualify for free or reduced lunch or to families who are not able to rent an instrument from the District’s instrument rental provider because the provider does not carry that instrument for rental. If your family qualifies for free lunch, there will not be a charge for your son or daughter’s instrument. If you qualify for reduced lunch, your family will be charged a reduced rental rate.  The 2018-2019 rental contract is available here.

Marching Wind Instruments/Secondary Instruments

Please note that some students in the WBHS Bands will be asked to play a “marching instrument” that is different than their concert instrument.  For example, since we do not march oboe, a student oboist will be asked to select a similar instrument to play during marching season.  You will not be charged an additional rental fee for the use of a “marching instrument” but we will need a contract on file for that rental.  Please find this here.

Marching Percussion

Percussionists that are members of the Marching Band (Sophomores-Seniors enrolled in “Symphonic Band”) are asked to complete a percussion rental contract and pay percussion dues.  This document can be found here.

Percussion Equipment Expectations

Percussionists in the WBHS band program are expected to acquire and maintain their own mallets and sticks.

Minimum equipment expectations:

  • One pair of quality concert snare drum sticks
  • One pair of quality marching snare drum sticks
  • One pair of quality yarn mallets (medium strength)
  • One mallet/stick bag with luggage tag to identify the owner

These items can be purchased for a reduced cost through the school band program.  If you chose to acquire your own materials, please use this guide as a reference for preferred brands, models, and sizes.