Homecoming Anticipation and Preparation

I hope you enjoy the 2018-2019 field show and we hope you rock around with us as we will rock the field and your hearts.  We have been working hard to get the field show music memorized and practicing hard to get the right moves.  We have been going at this for weeks to get the show right.  We hope you think that there have been improvements since last year.

This is the 2019 seniors’ last Homecoming game and hopefully, it will the best one of their high school life!  We completed a few sets of the field show in just two days.  We’re making sure to work hard and accomplish our show in time. As a band family, we all have to work hard as a team, and that hard work is paying off! Since the beginning of the school year, we have had some new additions to the band family, allowing it to grow even more.  We have around 120 people in the band now! The new members have been great; they’ve caught on rather quickly.  We are playing music like Smells like Teen Spirit, All Along the Watch Tower and My favorite song Monster. The images for the theme Rock and Roll, we are doing some funky and cool ones. Some of them are straight lines but others are awesome. My favorite image is when the Band spells out Teen and we do this cool rock and roll fists.

-Meghan Szmurlo (Senior, Clarinetist)

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