Concert Season

Wind Ensemble Recordings

Spring Concert Rep

Toccata Marziale (Vaughan Williams)

Blue Shades (Ticheli)

Winter Concert Rep

Kilimanjaro: An African Portrait (Washburn)

Month of the Cold Moon (Barrett)

Symphonic Band Recordings

Spring Concert Rep

Excerpts from The Firebird (Stravinsky, arr. Bocook)

Pirates of the Caribbean (Wasson)

Moorside March (Holst, arr. Curnow)

King Cotton (Sousa, arr. Gore)

Winter Concert Rep

Pirates of the Caribbean (arr. Wasson)

Zeus: King of the Gods (Romeyn)

Chant Rituals (Del Borgo)

On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss (Holsinger)

Concert Band Recordings

Spring Concert Rep

Of Dark Lords and Ancient Kings (Barret)

Cajun Folk Songs (Ticheli)

Exaltation (Swearingen)

Cajun Folk Song Suite

Winter Concert Rep

Cajun Folk Song Suite (Ticheli)

Primal Dances (Balmages)

Balkan Seven (Watson)

Grand Ledge Overture (Moss)


Though ensemble placements are final, students in the West Bend High School Bands are given an opportunity to complete a challenge for a higher chair placement.  Please read over the following for details on how to complete such a thing.  Remember that a challenge must be done two or more weeks prior to a concert.

Challenge Form


Auditions for the 2018-19 school year have been completed.  Please see ‘Challenges’, above, if you would like to challenge for a higher chair placement.

Please prepare the excerpt that is provided to you by your directors as well as the three scales (listed on your audition sheet-different for each instrument) in as many octaves as possible.  Also, you will be asked to complete a short sight-reading activity.  Remember to look through this exercise and check thoroughly for key signature, time signature, tempo, dynamics, articulations, and roadmap before proceeding.  You will be given time to look this over but won’t be able to practice it in advance.

Scales PDF (Bass and Treble Clef)

Scales for Auditions

Recording of Audition Music